I was yearning to Its. And, to become Its, I who wanted to become
like him was putting everything.
Noticed ..birth.. what has it is disappointed for Its however it is
not possible to become it and ..difference.. Ore is disappointed at
the fact.
It has depressed it in the room.

Its shone on me.

It was a beacon of hope.

Only the satan where it calls despair is seen now.

Its by which I wanted to become it is ruined because of me.

Having ruined begrudged all many of the talent and the friend of Its
that was my mind.
Still, I who had tried to shine on me understood Its.
I am shone on and I am enough only in it that is for Its that might
not reach for Its. Its might not be able

Because I begin to run now

Please shine on my back.

Was the appearance and you when I was running after to be changed shape?

I am enough ..only your comparison...

To begin with, it was arrogant that man of me had tried to approach

I accept, understand everything now, and am compared with Its.
# by nervlove | 2006-06-15 23:04